Through the use of student technology fees and funding from specific academic departments, Box storage and collaboration service, and a number of software titles are available to UNL students at no cost.

Student Software Titles

Please Note: Only software titles found on this page are available to students. Any other titles listed in the software catalog that require eSHOP access are meant for faculty and staff. Please read instructions carefully.

Software Available to Students

Some software requires a valid university email address. To obtain a email account, please go here.

Software Title Note
Symantec Endpoint Suite Antivirus provided at no cost. Requires My.UNL credentials to download
Adobe Creative Cloud Sign up required, see Helpful Resources section in link
Mathematica Sign up with university email address required
MATLAB My.UNL credentials required. See Available Through section in product link.
Microsoft Office 365 Sign up with university email address required
National Instruments Software Collection See Available Through section in product link

If the software title you are looking for is not listed above, we encourage you to look for the title from the following resources:

Box Storage & Collaboration

Box is a cloud-based storage and collaboration service that gives faculty, staff and students the ability to access, store, and share content securely—anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.

You will need a MyUNL credential (e.g. jdoe3) before you can claim your UNL Box account.

Types of Information Allowed in Box

Information Yes Needs Approval* No
Research data subject to export controls    
Not allowed
Human subjects research data containing personally identifiable information    
Not allowed
Human subjects research data that is coded as long as the decryption table is not stored on Box
Research data that does not contain personally identifiable information and is not subject to export controls
Social Security Numbers    
Not allowed
Drivers License Numbers  
Needs approval
Credit Card Numbers    
Not allowed
Bank Account Numbers    
Not allowed
Electronic protected health information as defined by HIPAA    
Not allowed

* - Please use this form to request for information storage approval before storing it in box.