Software Deployment Procedures

Place software order through eSHOP

IT Procurement receives and processes order

Software Distribution Methods via Box or Secure Network Server

Instructions and links to software sent to end user via university email

End user or IT staff installs the software

How to Purchase Software

Departments will purchase software through the eSHOP NEware Software Internal Catalog. The shopper will receive an electronic receipt for their records once the order has been processed by UNL Software.

Department Technicians

Installation tickets will be sent electronically to technicians based on department assignments. A ticket will also be sent to the person who placed the software order in eSHOP.

Deployment Options

Option 1: Box Cloud Storage Service

Box is a storage and collaboration service that gives faculty, staff and students the ability to access, store, and share content securely—anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.

Option 2: Secure Network Server

Select software programs are not available for installation via Box at this time and are housed on a secure network drive (UNL access only). To request access to the drive, please email We are in the process of migrating all software titles to Box.

Server Access Terms & Conditions

Technicians with access to the server are required to keep records of all installations from the network drive. Internal audits of these software deployments can be performed at any time. To gain access, your device must be part of the Active Directory or, you must add the Active Directory domain name in the username space. Example: unl-ad\