Microsoft Campus Agreement

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln assesses a fee on any NEW computer or tablet (excluding iPads/Android Tablets) purchased for departmental use and capable of running Microsoft Office to cover the cost of the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Starting July 1, 2013, all tablet purchases will be assessed the appropriate fee. The current fees are as follows: $130 for a Windows computer/tablet and $40 for an Apple computer/tablet (including dual boot). Fees will be processed on a monthly basis on the cost object used for the computer purchase and will appear as an Internal Charge on general ledgers.

What's included in the agreement

  • Windows operating system upgrades, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (excluding SERVERS)
  • Office 2016 (MAC), and Virtual PC for MAC
  • Office 2016 or Office 2013 Professional Plus (PC)

Visual Studio Pro and Visio, previously offered in the Campus Agreement, is no longer included. Visual Studio licensing now comes in two forms.  You can buy it on a subscription base or, you can buy it as a perpetual license. The subscription is for 12 months and includes maintenance. The perpetual version does not include maintenance. To remain in compliance with the new Campus Agreement, employees who continue to use the software are responsible for purchasing Visual Studio Pro on an individual basis by October 31st, 2012. Visual Studio Pro and all other Microsoft related software not included in the agreement should be purchased through the NEware Software Catalog in eSHOP.

Product Specifications

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Purchasing Information

Licensing Type:  Perpetual
Available To: 
Available Through:  Contact us if you have any questions regarding the Microsoft Campus Agreement.
Returns: No returns or cancellations