Cancelling existing Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

If you already own and pay for a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription prior to becoming a UNL student, you can cancel that paid subscription and transfer to your free UNL student subscription. The following guide outlines the steps you need to take.

Steps to Cancelling a Creative Cloud Account

  1. Obtain your UNL Creative Cloud Account. Follow instructions in this guide.
  2. Sync accounts. Transfer or sync preferences and online files from your current Creative Cloud account to your UNL account prior to cancelling your subscription. If you do not want to sync your account, you can cancel your existing Creative Cloud account now.
  3. Cancel your previously purchased subscription. Students who purchased a subscription through Adobe can cancel online here.
    • Options include an annual membership (paid in full or monthly payments) or a month-to-month membership (renew each month).
    • Explain to the agent that you are cancelling your individual CC subscription so you can enroll in Creative Cloud for Enterprise through the University of Nebraska's ETLA. You will need to provide the name of the University for verification.
    • For annual memberships that are paid in monthly installments future payments will be cancelled.  For annual memberships that are paid in full, Adobe's policy is to give no refund.
    • For all types of accounts cancellation charges should be waived. If Adobe does not allow you to waive the cancellation fee please contact Sue Cuddeback at 402-472-4294.